Episode 004 – Lost in Translation: Health Communications, Online Learning + Plain Language

Straight talk is more important than ever in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. In Episode 004 “Lost in Translation: Health Communications, Online Learning + Plain Language,” content strategist Leigh Curtin-Wilding talks about the future of the field of health communications, her role as director of Boston University’s online graduate program in Health Communication and her appreciation of plain language.

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One thought

  1. Communicating in plain language has been one of the biggest challenges my teams and I have faced as healthcare marketers. I’ve worked on the provider side at a large hospital system and on the payer side for a health plan. The issues we talk about are often complex whether it’s a health condition or treatment or understanding how your plan’s insurance works. It is far easier said than done, but the one thing that has been consistent throughout my career is that people are passionate about taking on the challenge.

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