009: Sources

In Ep9, “Take A Break: Mindfulness, Play + The Finnish Model for Education,” Superintendent Michael Hynes talks about fostering well-being in students K-12 by increasing time for play, implementing yoga and meditation, and hiring additional social workers and counselors. Here are some of the resources that help shaped the episode:

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Episode 009 — Take A Break: Mindfulness, Play + The Finnish Model for Education

Superintendent Michael Hynes has a new equation for creating successful students. What’s it take? For starters, mindfulness, empowerment + play should be part of the mission. It’s called a “whole child” approach and it’s working well for the Patchogue-Medford School District on Long Island.

Episode 008 – Early Childhood Education, Global Policy Analysis + Accountability

To get where you’re going, you’ve got to know where you’re starting from. A new global database created by researchers at UCLA’s WORLD Policy Analysis Center provides a clearer picture of early education opportunities for children in 166 countries. Senior research scientist Dr. Alison Earle talks about the importance of knowing the numbers.

Love in Action: Photo Story

From top: Christ Church Pompano Beach; Yvonne Womack talks with me before doors open for the Sunday shared meal; Rich Storts in his office; Cindy is one of the program’s first volunteers; Meal is served; I talk with Rich Knox about going from guest to volunteer; Yvonne, Rich K., Rich S., and Cindy. PHOTO CREDIT: Avery Dial @aadial

Episode 007 – Love in Action: Soup Kitchens, Homelessness + The New Church

On Sundays in a parish hall in Pompano Beach, Florida, as many as 200 homeless men, women and children share a warm meal in a safe space where volunteers know them by name. Sometimes these guests get sober, find work, and find God — and sometimes they don’t. In Ep 7 “Love in Action: Soup Kitchens, Homelessness + The New Church,” program co-founder Rich Storts says the key is to keep showing up.

006: Sources

In Ep 6, “Long-Distance Doctors: Health IT, Telemedicine + Texting Your Therapist,” epidemiologist and public health professor Dr. Nicole Cook talks about the promising and rapidly-growing field of telemedicine, along with its applications across many specialities including mental health. Here are some resources that helped shape the story:

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Episode 006 – Long-Distance Doctors: Health IT, Telemedicine + Texting Your Therapist

How R U Feeling? If there’s something on your mind, a qualified therapist could be just a text away. Dr. Nicole Cook talks about the value of telepsychiatry for teens and people who may not have access to quality mental healthcare and how the expanding field of telemedicine is bridging gaps in patient care for specialities including dermatology and neurology.

005: Sources

In Ep5 “After the Storm,” we talk with disaster case manger Rachel Bruno about what it takes to keep a mold-free roof over the heads of hundreds of South Florida residents who fear they’ve left behind in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. These resources helped shape the episode:  Read More

Episode 005 – After the Storm: Hurricanes, Evacuations + Living with Disaster

Last year, South Florida braced itself for the arrival of Hurricane Irma, the fiercest hurricane in recorded history. One week later, the news had moved on. If natural disasters are the new normal, what does it mean for those who are still suffering long after the storm has passed? In Episode 005 “After the Storm: Hurricanes, Evacuations + Living with Disaster,” disaster case manager Rachel Bruno talks about her work to make sure they aren’t forgotten.