002: Sources

In Episode 002 “An IDEA Whose Time Has Come,” we talk about needle exchange programs, politics, and the harm reduction approach. Following are a few resources that helped shape the episode:

  • In February 2018, The Miami Herald published an Op/Ed on the value of needle exchange programs co-authored by Dr. Hansel Tookes and Dr. Felicia Knaul.
  • For opioid overdose statistics by state, visit the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This link takes you data for the state of Florida.
  • The Harm Reduction Coalition, founded in 1993 to unite public health advocates who use this approach to provide critical healthcare services to intravenous drug users and other high-risk community members, concisely outlines the Principles of Harm Reduction.
  • London-based NGO Harm Reduction International recently published an article on the needle exchange funding crisis.

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