Episode 004 – Lost in Translation: Health Communications, Online Learning + Plain Language

Straight talk is more important than ever in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. In Episode 004 “Lost in Translation: Health Communications, Online Learning + Plain Language,” content strategist Leigh Curtin-Wilding talks about the future of the field of health communications, her role as director of Boston University’s online graduate program in Health Communication and her appreciation of plain language.

003: Sources

In Episode 003: “Got It From My Momma: Moms, Babies + Improving Health Across Generations,” we talk about maternal deaths in the U.S., the concept of weathering, and Life Course Theory as a pathway to improving health for mothers and children by considering the context in which health behaviors are forged. Following are some of the sources that helped shape the story: Read More

Episode 003 – Got It From My Momma: Moms, Babies + Improving Health Across Generations

Moms in the U.S. are dying at higher rates than any other developed country, with maternal death rates up nearly 30 percent over the last decade. For Black women, the statistics are even more dire. Public health social worker and maternal/child health expert Dr. Sarah Verbiest talks about a pathway to better health for moms and babies through an approach called Life Course Theory.

Episode 002 – An IDEA Whose Time Has Come: HIV Prevention, Politics + Needle Exchange Programs

The spread of HIV is inextricably linked to the opioid crisis. In South Florida, where there are more new cases of HIV infection than anywhere else in the U.S., a needle exchange program is doing its part to prevent spread of the disease and curb opioid-related deaths. Dr. Hansel Tookes talks about the fight to expand the program throughout the state.

Episode 001 – The HPV Game Changer: Cancer, Communities + At-Home Screening

Could your next cancer screening test be in your mailbox? We talk about the future of cancer screening and the importance of community partnerships with Dr. Erin Kobetz, whose work to better understand the outsized rates of cervical cancer in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood helped paved the way for big changes in how screening tests are delivered.

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